My Story:

My name is Desiree Celeste (they/them) and I am a death companion located in Denver, CO. I offer support & education both in person and virtually, ensuring open and equal access.

More than ten years ago my Grama, who was and always will be my best friend, passed away after a three year stay in hospice care. While the medical care was incredible, my family’s emotional care was lacking. Without an advocate for my Grama’s happiness and end of life wishes, we were torn apart by grief and confusion. Our grieving impacted by struggling to organize final plans, we fell into doing what we knew ‘we should’ do instead of what we needed for ourselves and for my Grama's memory.

In the time since, I've been helping others find more comfort and empowerment in death and grief. Over the past ten years, I've worked with people in a variety of ways, including assisting in understanding paperwork, being a liason in times of distress, and providing personalized comfort.

My desire is to serve everywhere I can be helpful, to share of myself in ways that can empower others, and to create safe, comforting spaces for those at the ends of their lives. Many don't realize their rights and options in regards to death care, and I'm passionate about people being able to make educated decisions that are right for them.

What is a Death Companion:

If you're unsure of what a Death Companion is, don't worry! You're not alone! Death companionship is an ancient form of community care brought into our modern world. We provide non medical support in times of death and grief, even providing education during preplanning. We create caring, compassionate environments to talk about death and grief, we host home funerals and online memorials, we help maneuver confusing paperwork like Advance Care Directives, and we hold your hand in times of crisis. Death companionship is as diverse as the people we serve. We meet you where you are, we listen to your concerns and needs, and work with you to create a more empowering death and grief process. Alternative titles include Death Doula, Death Midwife, End of Life Educator.

Death & Grief Services:

Complimentary 15 min Consultation - Scheduled via Email

Death Companionship: $40-$120/hr sliding scale

Support in loss, death, and grief; including but not limited to making difficult phone calls, vigil organization, company keeping, supportive discussions, eulogy reading, obituary writing, and guidance in end of life paperwork. Available both virtual and in person (with COVID safety precautions)

Grief Gatherings:

Grief gatherings are spaces to share stories, tears, and connection in grief. I currently offer public grief gatherings specific to the queer community and offer private grief gatherings upon request. These Grief Gatherings are scheduled monthly, view the current schedule and RSVP HERE.


40-120$/hr sliding scale

I offer 1 hour mini mentorship opportunities. If you'd like to discuss death work, trans inclusion, webinar building, or would like companionship support, please email for scheduling options. I offer mentorship connects via phone call, Zoom, scheduled via email.


Introduction to Trans Inclusion

A webinar written and offered by a trans person directed towards cis gender people to assist in cultivating comfort with the trans community. This webinar covers a vast array of topics including pronoun and neo pronoun use, practicing inclusive introductions, and answering frequently pondered but rarely asked questions about trans experience. The run time of this webinar is 1.5 hours with time set aside for questions midway and at the end.

Webinar Pricing: $50/person

Group Rate: 20% off for groups of 5 or more in a publicly offered webinar

Private Webinars can be scheduled for groups of 5 or more, group rate applies

For most current webinar dates direct to your inbox, please join my mailing list for the monthly newsletter.


9 Keys Death Midwifery Apprenticeship

I am an apprentice of Narinder Bazen , Atlanta Death Midwife and creator of the 9 Keys Death Midwife Apprenticeship program. This is an information intensive 9 month program covering both the practical and emotional aspects of death work. This course covers Advance Directive planning, Death with Dignity, culture inclusion, and much more.

School of American Thanatology

I have a certificate of proficiency from the Death Companionship Community Crash Course, a month long course created by Cole Imperi to hone death worker's skills and knowledge during COVID-19. This course was through the School of American Thanatology

Rain Dove's Conflict Resolution Class

I have attended Rain Dove's Conflict Resolution Class, teaching ways to connect with others, particularly in times of aggitation, and how to deweaponize difference of views and opinions. This class was three days long with introspective homework and group discussions. Rain Dove is a non-binary model, actor, public speak, educator, and activist.

VSED Webinar

VSED is short for Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking, an alternative method to dying with dignity that is legal across the United States. This webinar was hosted by VSED educators and activists Nancy Simmers and Andrea Fenwick.

Media and Collaborations:

Trans Death Care Article

I have written an article with Talk Death Daily on trans death care advocacy and resources. Read it here!

Ms. Mayhem Interview

I was interviewed by Alexandra Cummings for an article on how I began my death work and how it relates to trans identities. Read it here!

Voyage Denver Interview

I was nominated as an inspiring person and appreached by Voyage Denver for an interview. This self directed interview was my first piece of media! View my interview here!